In addition to a passion for our product, we love to work our woodfired grill, wood fire brings out the best in the noble meats  we serve here. Not only does it give a unique taste to the meat or fish, but the possibilities are also almost unlimited: hot or cold smoking, indirect cooking or reverse sear, something for everyone.


The vast majority of our products are local, the farm is the first link in our story. Through extensive communication with the farmers, we succeed in selecting the best products for you. Terroir is not a buzzword here but a way of life.


We are not a large restaurant ourselves and we like to be close to our customers, again we look for the same approach from the people who supply us, as an example of this is our beer menu. The emphasis is on small local breweries with real people with a vision at the helm.


We monitor quality in every facet of our operation, by being close to our customers and suppliers we can guarantee excellent quality, pure flavors that you thought you only knew from your childhood.